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Of “Peakists”, “Doomers”, “Survivalists”, “Alarmists”, “Deniers”, and “Cornucopians”

Writing about the use (and misuse) of labels, James Michael Iddins (Valparaiso University Graduate Studies, Valparaiso, IN) commented: “It is my suspicion that these higher order abstractions [namely, labels], which we often hear used to describe combinations of views necessarily … Continue reading

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This is a sequel to a previous post on Peak Oil Revisited. Its main purpose is to examine the contrary view that the world has plenty of oil, and that the scenario of global upheaval due to rapid decline of oil … Continue reading

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“It’s All About Barrels in Hand, Not Barrels in the Bush” (Or Peak Oil Revisited—Should We Worry?)

  A number of relatives and friends have asked about what Peak Oil meant, and whether they should worry at the personal or individual levels. Some of them became aware only of the subject upon reading my Compadre Esteban’s (Stephen Werny’s) … Continue reading

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Saudi Arabia and Peak Oil

Recently, Wikileaks made a lot of news by making public a large number of cables and correspondence between various governments and their agencies. While most of the focus from the media has been on revelations pointing mostly to the US wars in Iraq … Continue reading

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