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Montney Part 3

(Part of a joint series combining the power of VISAGE visual analytics software with geoLOGIC’s value-added data live from the gDC) Welcome to the third and final post on the Montney. I decided to do it a bit differently today and show some … Continue reading

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I’m So Fascinating!

…Did I make you look??? Not to worry this entire blog will not be about me, actually none of it will. But if you saw the title and thought to yourself “that’s a little appalling” but you still had to … Continue reading

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Why So Many Choices???

One of the many conversations I have with our users is around the complexity of learning a new product. While some of these comments are more about resistance to new things some are honestly a reaction to seeing geoSCOUT for … Continue reading

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Acquire New Knowledge and Skills Through a “Learning Community” – Part 2

“Today it seems that organizations need to be able to do more than just adapt; they must be able to do so quickly, in the face of ever changing conditions. And if organizations are to adapt quickly and intelligently, they must make … Continue reading

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Acquire New Knowledge and Skills Through a “Learning Community” – Part 1

We are all learners — and whether we are ‘good’ or ‘bad’ learners is the crux of the matter. To better grasp the notion of being either a ‘good’ or a ‘bad’ learner we need to define what learning is, … Continue reading

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I made you a mix tape. It has ten thousand songs that remind me of you.

On October 23rd 2010, Sony made an announcement that truly surprised me. After thirty years, they have decided to halt the manufacturing and distribution of: The Cassette Walkman. The remaining units had been shipped retailers in April. Once sold, that’s … Continue reading

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