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…. Or Some Notions, Perceptions, and Misinformation (NPMs) vs. Facts About the Alberta Oil Sands Mention “Alberta oil sands” and you would probably evoke in most hearers’ or readers’ minds a negative image, maybe even a sinister one. We may attribute … Continue reading

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Montney Part 2: Alberta vs. BC

(Part of a joint series combining the power of VISAGE visual analytics software with geoLOGIC’s value-added data live from the gDC) One of the ways we have decided to look at Montney production in this series is to compare what has happened in … Continue reading

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Well. Aren’t you special?

This is the 3rd of a 3-part series on some of the high-level issues that come up around the data management aspect of oil and gas exploration and how we are working with the PPDM Association in actively looking at … Continue reading

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Rebranding Canadian Oil and Gas: “The Ethical Choice”

“Governments must not only do well; they must also be seen as doing well.” – Source/author undetermined. Ceteris Paribus*, Who Has a Tougher Job – A Business Executive or a Government Executive? At a graduate Marketing Management course which I attended … Continue reading

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