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Data Quality, what does it mean to You?

Data Quality, what does it mean to you? To me, it means that I can implicitly trust what I see whether it be a well ticket or a boat’s gas gauge (and E does not mean Enjoy your ski, we … Continue reading

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Preliminary Build

By know you know that a ton of time and effort has been spent on ripping the guts out of the good old ’69 Mustang. And what have I got for it? The ability to build it up the way … Continue reading

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Patience is a Virtue

Waiting and waiting and waiting… Who likes doing that?  Not me.  And probably not most people.  But when you are waiting for something worthwhile, it makes it slightly more tolerable.  Or at least we tell ourselves that…  So, what am … Continue reading

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To Do List

Do you have a ‘honey-do’ jar? You know that never ending list of items to do around the house? Now, I’m not complaining about it or saying that it’s only in the domain of the male gender, but what I … Continue reading

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The Teardowns

That’s the good thing about being passionate about something, you see the long game. You see what something will become tomorrow; not what it is today. You need that patience and vision when doing a teardown. So, what’s the purpose … Continue reading

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