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Stephen has been with geoLOGIC Systems since 2007. He started in the Training Department, and in February 2010 he transferred to the Data Department, where he works as the Data Acquisition Coordinator. He has no issues whatsoever with writing in the third person, this much is clear.

Quick Hits

Fun with Polls We recently discovered that we can add polls to the site. Traffic has been trending upwards, so out of curiosity I thought I’d post our first poll and ask the question: If you don’t mind taking a few … Continue reading

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The Times, They Are A-Changin’ (Saskatchewan UWI Edition)

As we briefly mentioned previously on this blog, the Saskatchewan government regulator (SER) has announced its intention to move away from its current UWI format. This coincides with the Ministry of Energy and Resources PRIME project to modernize the 20 … Continue reading

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Helping Japan

Japan Suffers Major Damage in 8.9 Quake A powerful earthquake struck off Japan’s northeast coast Friday, triggering a tsunami that swallowed homes, swept away boats and forced thousands of people to flee to higher ground. I lived and worked in … Continue reading

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Deep Thoughts for a Friday

This, to me at least, is truly fascinating. Have a look at the image below, and ask yourself, would this type of warning even apply in A.D. 12,000? Would language, dates and symbols convey the same meaning in the distant … Continue reading

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Saudi Arabia and Peak Oil

Recently, Wikileaks made a lot of news by making public a large number of cables and correspondence between various governments and their agencies. While most of the focus from the media has been on revelations pointing mostly to the US wars in Iraq … Continue reading

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All I Want For Christmas…

Since Christmas is upon us, dear reader(s), I thought I would keep this blog post short and to the point: Tell me, what would you like for Christmas? I wanted a $%#@&# pony. And I don’t mean would you like … Continue reading

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I’m Not Ignoring You, I’m ‘Not Responding’

We’ve all been there. Diligently working away, and then the program we’re using just stops. You get the ambiguous ‘Program Not Responding’ message, the Window goes grey, and everything hangs. If you’re anything like me, this is probably your first … Continue reading

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