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I've been with geoLOGIC since 1998 and in my current role as Manager of the Data group since 2005. Blogging is new thing for me and I will either succeed in making stories of Oil and Gas data interesting or I wont.

UofL, Game Six, WBPC and a contest

I looked at my schedule today and saw that it was my turn to post something to the blog. I’m working on a couple of more detailed, analytical articles but these are in the concept stage (translation: writer’s block.) Since it’s friday, … Continue reading

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A few quick mentions

This week, we are at the AAPG annual convention in Houston. It’s nice to leave behind a lingering winter, if only for a few days. So, in between the hoards of visitors here at the booth, I’ve found some time … Continue reading

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When Data is Released on Confidential Wells

How long does it normally takes to update data on wells when they are released from confidentiality? We get asked this question on a regular basis and usually the most accurate answer I can give is: um, it depends – … Continue reading

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All is Calm

For this post, there’s no story to tell – just a series of random observations -Over the holidays, the Alberta Department of Energy changed their crown land information data from the old mainframe based LSAS format (Land Status Automated System) … Continue reading

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A Crooked Conundrum

A Crooked Conundrum A few weeks ago, a long standing mystery at the geoLOGIC data lair was solved. For a couple of years, we’d get the occasional report of a vertical well showing up as crooked on our well tickets … Continue reading

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KB or GL?

For this entry, i’ll relay some recent ‘excitement’ which gripped our Data Support internal e-mail group. As you see from the following exchange, it can take us some time, investigation and research to reach a answer a seemingly simple question. … Continue reading

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The Great Fire of 1962

If you’ve ever looked at Alberta production data, you may see that before 1962, there are no monthly volumes. Every single oil and gas well in the province that produced prior to 1962 gets reported to December 1961. The effect … Continue reading

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