But I don’t WANT to go to work!!

I think anyone who has ever completed post secondary education will understand the steep learning curve that exists to move from the classroom atmosphere to that of the workplace. No more sleeping in till 11am and donning wrinkled sweats and a t-shirt to the classroom. No more books to consult to find exactly the answer you are looking for, or professors collecting homework assignments to make sure you did them. I mean who in their right mind would trade attending class a few hours per day and socializing with like-minded peers for sitting in rush hour traffic (or on a train that more often than not has “electrical” issues – if you live in Calgary) at 7:00am, working till 5pm and being so tired by the end of the day all you can do is go home and sleep? But I suppose the transition is necessary, we can’t live in Mom and Dad’s basement and go to school forever, and it costs money to live on your own – so corporate world, here we come!

It’s certainly a tough transition, one that takes time to get used to. While you may acquire knowledge about the things you will be up against in the workplace, you will seldom experience exactly the situations you will be up against in the workplace – when your employment, reputation and salary are on the line.

One thing I am proud to say I get to be a part of is helping university students make the transition. How you ask? Well, by providing them direct access to the tools that they will encounter in the workplace, live and with the same training and support our corporate clients are accustomed to.

Since 2001, we have donated nearly $40 million dollars worth of software and data to educational institutions across Canada and the United States, to help make the transition from school to work a little less daunting, as well as to make students more readily employable.

We were recently provided the honor of entrance to the University of Western Canada’s prestigious 1878 Societies, reserved for donors making notable cumulative donations. For more on this honor please view the geoLOGIC and UNIVERSITY OF WESTERN ONTARIO Press Release.

We believe our company’s success comes from giving back to the community and supporting the development of individuals entering into our industry, and as such are committed to providing them with all of the tools we have to make their transition as seamless and successful as possible. We are proud to be able to give back in this manner.

If you would like to enquire about having geoSCOUT made available at your institution, please contact us at sales@geologic.com and we would be happy to get in touch with your school.

Had a good (or bad) experience with geoSCOUT or geoLOGIC at your university? Tell us about it!

Take care, and happy learning!

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