Montney Part 1

 (Part of a joint series combining the power of VISAGE visual analytics software with geoLOGIC’s value-added data live from the gDC)

There will be 2 more Montney blog posts coming up in the next week here at VISAGE and geoLOGIC. We thought it would be interesting to showcase our data in such a way that readers can see the value in accessing production information “hot off the presses” as it were.

Something surprising came up when we ran the data for the Montney; in the last month we saw a 13.4% drop in production! This is the first drop in production ever since the Montney became a major play in Western Canada. We quickly discovered it was due to the McMahon gas processing plant turnaround… the question remains- will this shut-in continue to affect production from the Montney?

Some statistics for you;

  • Montney now accounts for 30% of BC’s gas production


  • In the last 4.5 years, Montney has grown from 2.5% of BC’s Gas production to just over 30%.


  • Of the recent 12.7% drop in BC gas production, Montney accounts for 32% of the total drop.

 (As always you can click on the image for a closer look)


A Closer Look at the Montney

Montney production in BC has dropped 13.4% (151.6 mmcf/day) from May to June. This drop is attributable to only a 3% drop in producing wells (which works out to 23 wells seemingly affected by the plant turn-around). For your interest I have also included the Nymex spot price on this chart to show that Montney growth has continued in spite of lower gas prices.

Interested in learning more about the key players affected by the shut in and what happened to their production? Have a look at the VISAGE BLOG for more insights….




Disclaimer of Analysis Results
It is important to note when doing any of this kind of analysis that the selection of wells be scrutinized for meaningful results. The results presented are intended to fuel your understanding of VISAGE capabililties with gDC data. We would be happy to run analyses for specific well lists that you may have. Please feel free to contact us.



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