geoLOGIC systems Spaghetti Western Thank You!

I must first off apologize for the delay in thanking everyone for their participation in this year’s Spaghetti Western stampede party; I have to confess it has been a very busy summer here at geoLOGIC!

If you were there, you will remember that on July 12th geoLOGIC turned Prince’s Island Park into a sensory delight. As the only Stampede celebration on the Island, we had the fantastic opportunity to work with the renowned River Café to present a Stampede party unlike any other. While the morning began looking as though rain might make an unwelcome appearance, my order to mother nature for sunshine was fulfilled at the very last minute, negating the necessity for the thousands of rain ponchos we brought just in case, but that didn’t stop some of our guests from donning them anyway!

We wanted to do something a little out of the ordinary since our guests are far from it, so in addition to the prime locale, we put together a menu we were sure wouldn’t be seen at any other Stampede party. The spread included spit roasted Spragg farm pulled pork sandwiches, smoked wild sockeye salmon flatbread; black eyed pea, bean and roasted heirloom tomato salad and Poplar Bluff organic potato and arugula salad.

Spaghetti Western River Cafe Catering

We featured some great entertainment courtesy of Jory Kinjo and his band and made sure to pepper in some classic country to keep everyone line-dancing in their country duds. A good mix of classic and modern, country and city, the Spaghetti Western delivered.

With over 1300 guests through the gates, we are very excited that after a two year break the industry still remembers the geoLOGIC Spaghetti Western as a must attend event. We look forward to this celebration all year long as an opportunity to personally thank all those we work with in this industry, and our goal is to create an experience that our guests will not forget.

As our very first year at the River Café location, with a new menu and entertainment, the Spaghetti Western had a little different flavor this year. We have already begun planning for next year’s bash and want to make sure, in keeping with tradition, that the party is everything you hoped it would be. So I want to throw it out there and ask all of you who were there what you thought. What did you like, not like; what would you like to see next year?

On behalf of everyone here at geoLOGIC, I would like to extend a heartfelt thank-you to everyone who came out on July 12th and helped us make this one of our most successful stampede events ever! We really couldn’t have done it without you!

I can’t wait to hear what you thought of the event, because like everything else at geoLOGIC we use your feedback directly to make things work better for you and this is no exception. So please, comment away!

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8 Responses to geoLOGIC systems Spaghetti Western Thank You!

  1. Great event Krisit! Very well done from everyone I spoke to. Brent Barootes, Partnership Group – Sponsorship Specialists,

  2. James Lee says:

    Venue was great and food was excellent. Hopefully it will be there again next year. Much appreciated.

  3. Oscar Prada says:

    In advance thank you very much, the event was very good and I hope to be again next year

  4. S. Ochoa says:

    I enjoyed the food and the nice weather. Hope to be there again in 2012.

  5. Susan says:

    Was a fabulous event. Fantastic music and a fun crowd. Got to meet some great Geologic people that I only knew through email so thanks for the invite!

  6. Ashley Rodriguez - Newalta says:

    Thank you Steph Grassi for the invite and well done Kristi! The best Stampede event I went to all year; amazing food, atmosphere and venue. Thanks again geoLOGIC!

  7. Pam O'Brien says:

    It was a great day, the food, music, people, and venue where fabulous! Thank-you!

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