Patience is a Virtue

Waiting and waiting and waiting…

Who likes doing that?  Not me.  And probably not most people.  But when you are waiting for something worthwhile, it makes it slightly more tolerable.  Or at least we tell ourselves that…  So, what am I waiting on these days?  Parts & Code and I have to admit, a little bit of warm weather.  Seems that it might be a short summer here in Calgary but I really hope it’s not a set up for a long winter!

So what am I waiting on with the ’69 Mustang?  Well, just about everything but yet we are moving things ahead.  We are waiting on trunk lights but yet we are moving head on installing the brake lights.  We are waiting on seat upholstery but yet we are moving ahead on getting the rug cleaned.  We are waiting on an alternator but yet we are moving ahead on getting the fan & shroud installed.  Almost like a ying/yang kind of work & wait.  And that’s the key when working on a project; gather requirements ( really, business speak for a car re-build?), validate these requirements, get estimates from several vendors, choose the best product (notice I did not say cheapest), design the build out and then finally do the build.  And then start on the next step in the build and repeat the pattern.  Like all things, there is a trade off.  In the case of the ’69 Mustang, the trade off was time.  Rather than drive a car with a half-baked electrical system, I am waiting until the parts are in and they are installed correctly.  At least the engine is done and it looks like this:

You should hear it run!







Not bad, eh?


So what I am waiting on for ‘PPDM in a Box’ or PiaB these days?  Well, basically v1.2 and then v1.3.  So many good ideas and improvements to the app and when/where has the time gone… But that is what we have to do, design and construct; at the same time.  Business pressures dictate this in today’s world and probably not just our line of work.  And what does that have to do with Patience is a Virtue?  Lots because improvement takes time and effort to create a robust, coordinated release.  It means cleaning up the stuff that needs cleaning now and not in the next release.  Stuff like a new global exception handler, minimizing screen refreshes, support for the Chrome browser, etc.  And the best part about getting infrastructure items like this done in v1.2 is that we will be able to incrementally build on these for v1.3 and get some real user workflow items out with it.

This is a hard post to write because I don’t want to be patient.  I want improvements to PiaB and I want them now.  But like working on the ’69 Mustang, I guess I will have to wait.  And sorry, no picture this time on PiaB.  It’s software and how does it compare to a ’69 Mustang?

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