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Do you have a ‘honey-do’ jar? You know that never ending list of items to do around the house? Now, I’m not complaining about it or saying that it’s only in the domain of the male gender, but what I am bringing forward is the fact that to do anything on the list, you often have to create a pre-list or to-do list to tackle BEFORE you can get to the actual job. Got a leaky faucet and it needs replacing? Well, to do the job you need to know where the water shut-off value is in your house, as a start. Other tools include:

  • Have a pair of big pair of pliers, like a channel-lox
  • Crescent wrench
  • All-in-one screwdriver
  • Plumbers tape
  • New faucet (which means a trip to the local hardware store and that might mean a whole new set for the entire house… you know how it goes)

So how does this link to the ’69 Mustang or ‘PPDM in a Box’? Rather well, as it turns out. For the Mustang, it’s about realizing that the fact that you bought an electrical harness kit or a new Edelbrock performer series 600 CFM carb with electric choke, doesn’t mean you don’t need crimpers and 3/8” brass fittings for it to work. It’s really about understanding all of the steps required to get the big picture working; in this case a car. Here is an example of the to-do list for the Mustang:

Under the Hood

  • Clean engine bay
  • Replace plugs
  • Check all belts and replace as required
  • Check gaskets and replace as required


  • Window trim screws
  • Window sill stripping
  • Chrome trim
  • Trunk weather stripping


  • Door panel screens
  • Sound deadening
  • Window roll handles
  • Seat backs

And that’s just a small example set of the entire list. The point here is that when you start on a project, it’s always bigger than you thought but any well laid out plan or to-do list will make it bearable or even enjoyable because you consider all of the things to do and you do them at the right time.
This picture shows the results of a to-do list. Receipts and lots of them…

So what’s the to-do list for PiaB? As with most web based applications these days, there are three components. Components like the database backend, the middleware and then the front-end GUI. Each of these components have their own requirements but the overall goal is to make sure the application works as efficiently as possible and then passes data on or receives data it in a consistent manner. This means that the various teams plan and talk and review to ensure they understand what they are handing off as well as what they are receiving. That’s why it’s called a team; people working toward a common goal with a common vision. The to-do list for ‘PPDM in a Box’ includes but is not limited to the following items

Database layer

  • Validate database build on PPDM 3.8
  • Build on both supported RDBMS; SQL-Server & Oracle
  • Review data level triggers
  • Populate base level data from PPDM


  • Define architectural principles
  • Review web service design
  • Ensure database reads/writes done consistently for supported RDBMS
  • Hand data off to web pages

Web pages

  • Follow architectural principles for UI
  • Understand how middleware will present data
  • Allow for the customization of GUI
  • Work on multiple browsers

What does this provide you, the end-user of PiaB? Well, if you have a checklist of good sound architecture, design and implementation, then I think that we are building a product for you.

Well Management Checklist
 Based in and compliant with PPDM
 Available in either Oracle or MS SQL-Server
 Consistent data access via web services
 User friendly web based front end
 Visual well version editor

Your list might be longer and more specific to your company but you do want to know that regardless of what you want, the product is built on sound architectural principles and with a team that takes pride in what it does. Much like the to-do list for the Mustang. When I am driving down the highway, I want to know that it’s a vehicle that has been built up properly, from the tires up.

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