Were you “Recovering” Last week?

Last week was a busy one here at geoLOGIC. We attended one of our biggest shows of the year – the 2011 CSPG CSEG CWLS Joint Annual Convention – themed “Recovery” – here in Calgary. As many of you will already know – we gave away an iPad 2 to one of our lucky Twitter followers (congratulations again Don! And thanks for following!), but there was a whole bunch more going on at the convention aside from this.
I do hope you had a chance to drop by the geoLOGIC booth – we had some great stuff lined up for you! We didn’t just offer an iPad 2 to a Twitter follower, we tried to make sure visiting our booth was beneficial for everyone who dropped by. First off, as we have done in the past, we committed to making a donation to the United Way for every single product demo done at our booth (which has added up to more than 160 individual demos – pretty good!) – so if you came by and test drove the gDC or geoSCOUT, you inherently supported your community, so thanks! In addition, we had our Root Beer float café Tuesday and Wednesday from 12 – 2pm (well, they were pretty popular on Tuesday, so we didn’t quite make it till 2). With the beautiful weather last week I think it was hard for anyone to turn one of those down!
Overall the convention was a great opportunity for us to talk to you, and we had a great time, and I am happy to report overall attendance was up more than a thousand people from last year!
As a member of the planning committee for the convention, I have been involved in preparation since the close of the 2010 convention. Lots of changes at this year’s convention – it was at the TELUS Convention center, for one, and the exhibition hall was open for two days instead of the three that has been customary. We had a swanky networking party on Tuesday night with a great band and some great food – and our lunch speakers, Michael Economides and John Furlong, provided us with both controversy and insight to ponder over while we roamed the busy show floor. The core meltdown was a blast – as always, despite having only half the room to enjoy our beverages in, which was thoroughly enjoyed in the sun.
The purpose of this entry is to throw it back to you – delegates, exhibitors and visitors of the convention. Did you go? What did you think? Would you change anything to make it better?
There were definitely some challenges with this year’s convention – and I would genuinely like to hear how you think they were dealt with. Comment away!

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