UofL, Game Six, WBPC and a contest

I looked at my schedule today and saw that it was my turn to post something to the blog. I’m working on a couple of more detailed, analytical articles but these are in the concept stage (translation: writer’s block.) Since it’s friday, I’m going with something more lighthearted.

Whenever we can, the members of the Blog subcommittee pour over site statistics. Today, I noticed something interesting; it seems that we’re going viral at the University of Lethbridge, so kudos to you, and stay classy UofL!

In a previous blog post, Kristi wrote about our 8:15 morning meeting. This week before game 6 of the Boston-Montreal series, we got in the playoff spirit. One of our Senior Testers is a lifelong Montreal Canadiens fan. On Tuesday, true to habit, he arrived at the meeting, wearing his jersey and went to stand in his usual standing spot in the corner by the whiteboard… A minute later, 20 other attendees walked in with Boston Bruins signs taped to their shirts. So, in addition to being the venue where the problems of the world are solved, the morning meeting can be a good place to mock your colleagues.

It’s the middle of tradeshow season at geoLOGIC and this weekend, my fellow Blog subcommittee members, Natalie, Lucas and Stephen are off to Regina. So if you’re in Regina on Sunday, Monday or Tuesday, stop by the booth. This is going to be my first Williston Petroleum Show I’ve missed since Minot ’06 and although I wish I was going (not even being sarcastic), work at the office is keeping me tethered to my desk.

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I've been with geoLOGIC since 1998 and in my current role as Manager of the Data group since 2005. Blogging is new thing for me and I will either succeed in making stories of Oil and Gas data interesting or I wont.
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  1. Robert Fledge Ward says:

    What the heck else am I supposed to do during boring lectures?

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