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UofL, Game Six, WBPC and a contest

I looked at my schedule today and saw that it was my turn to post something to the blog. I’m working on a couple of more detailed, analytical articles but these are in the concept stage (translation: writer’s block.) Since it’s friday, … Continue reading

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The Curious Case of the Inaccurate Precision

A recent visit to a client site brought to light a somewhat common misconception about how accurate their data is (or was). For reasons which will become obvious I will not be naming anyone involved.  And I’m going to simplify … Continue reading

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Quick Hits

Fun with Polls We recently discovered that we can add polls to the site. Traffic has been trending upwards, so out of curiosity I thought I’d post our first poll and ask the question: If you don’t mind taking a few … Continue reading

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The Ubiquity of Communications Technology

I just got back from a cruise from Ft. Lauderdale to Barcelona.  Because of the cruise, I was unable to attend the AAPG conference last week, and I also missed out on the ESRI PUG that we have people attending … Continue reading

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A few quick mentions

This week, we are at the AAPG annual convention in Houston. It’s nice to leave behind a lingering winter, if only for a few days. So, in between the hoards of visitors here at the booth, I’ve found some time … Continue reading

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Build, Buy or Partner?

Kind of sounds like Win, Lose or Draw… But not nearly the same thing. Software is constantly changing. Not only do increases in technology push development forward but new ideas and the competitive business environment make it pretty hard for … Continue reading

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This is a sequel to a previous post on Peak Oil Revisited. Its main purpose is to examine the contrary view that the world has plenty of oil, and that the scenario of global upheaval due to rapid decline of oil … Continue reading

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