Helping Japan

Japan Suffers Major Damage in 8.9 Quake

A powerful earthquake struck off Japan’s northeast coast Friday, triggering a tsunami that swallowed homes, swept away boats and forced thousands of people to flee to higher ground.


I lived and worked in Japan from 2004 to 2007, so news of the devastating earthquake and tsunami really hits home for me, and my thoughts go out to all those affected by the disaster.

The Canadian Red Cross is accepting online donations.

If you have any suggestions for ways that people can help, please leave the links in the comments.

Thank you.


About Stephen Werny

Stephen has been with geoLOGIC Systems since 2007. He started in the Training Department, and in February 2010 he transferred to the Data Department, where he works as the Data Acquisition Coordinator. He has no issues whatsoever with writing in the third person, this much is clear.
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3 Responses to Helping Japan

  1. Stephen Werny says: 7 Ways Your Family Can Help Victims Of The Hawaii Tsunami And Japan Earthquake

  2. Stephen Werny says:

    Huffington Post: How To Help Japan: Earthquake Relief Options

  3. Stephen Werny says:

    Found on Twitter:

    You can donate $5 to the Red Cross for Japan disaster relief by texting REDCROSS or ASIA or ASIE to 30333 (Please RT)

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