You do WHAT at 8:15 every day?!

I’m not entirely sure when our team got too big to sit at the board table in our planning room, all I know is that even standing space in that room is becoming difficult to secure. Every morning at 8:15, except Fridays, the management, sales, development, testing, support, documentation and training teams – I would estimate about 40 people – gather in our internal board room for a half hour recap of the previous day. Why? To make sure client concerns and comments are addressed and resolved is the most effective way possible.

This may sound a bit crazy – every day? But you’d be surprised what we solve in that short half hour meeting that gets us all warmed up for the day. Basically it’s moderated, and we work our way around the room through the departments to bring up client issues from the previous day, industry news, product development and any other topic members of the group deem relevant for sharing.

Because we have everyone in one room, oftentimes issues can be resolved right there. I mean, if you’ve got a client issue that is technically rooted who better to bring up the issue to than the technology team? And the best part is, if it’s been brought up in that meeting it is assigned to an employee with a timeline it goes on the “white board”, which is reviewed in detail at the beginning of each meeting – and if it is not addressed by then, well basically we get out the meter stick. It would follow that the issue in question is basically guaranteed to get resolved – one way or another.

While the primary purpose of the aptly titled “morning meeting” is to get the things all of the departments are dealing with out in the open to keep everyone in the loop, I honestly think an underlying but close secondary reason is to wake us all up. We’re all a bit groggy still at 8:15am, especially Mondays – or snowy Tuesdays such as today following a long weekend, and getting together gets us back in touch with the previous day and running on the current day’s follow ups and tasks. We’ve all got our own standing spot – And it has happened that the failure for an individual to stand in their usual arbitrary, undesignated and personally appointed spot has resulted in the perception that that person is in fact absent. There is always at least one laugh every morning interspersed with our business conversation, but overall I have to say the meeting is surprisingly productive. I am sure many of us regard that room, with its even scuff marks along the walls about 12 inches from the floor where we rest one of our feet every day during the morning meeting, as the place where lots of good things happen and things get done (and sometimes a Roughriders fan or two gets affectionately harassed upon a loss).

So the next time you call into geoLOGIC support, remember the “morning meeting” and the “white board” and have faith that your concerns don’t end with a dial tone. We’re committed to getting what you need to you as best we can, and meet every single day for precisely that reason.

What other things can we do to give our clients the best possible experience?


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Marketing and Communications Lead at geoLOGIC systems ltd since 2008.
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