Why So Many Choices???

One of the many conversations I have with our users is around the complexity of learning a new product. While some of these comments are more about resistance to new things some are honestly a reaction to seeing geoSCOUT for the first time and generally prior to any training having taken place.

Admittedly, geoSCOUT has more choices than its popular counterpart; and all these choices can lead to a general sense of being overwhelmed at first glance (like being at a new restaurant and getting handed a menu with over fifty dishes with foreign ingredients and strange names- we’ve all had an experience or two like this- think sushi).

The quick answer is that geoSCOUT is trying to provide users with the ability to create whatever they want but let’s dig a bit deeper into what that means for those tasked with creating information (for example; a formation contour map) from all that oil and gas data (depths of the chosen formation).

Ultimately every time your software limits your choice in this industry it limits what kind of information you can create from the data available.

So what does that mean?

It means you continue to look at data in the same way over and over, creating the same information over and over.

How does your thinking change when you take a step back and ask yourself to look at a problem or a question from a new perspective? When you query/contour/overlay the data in a new way? What new information do you produce?

Have you ever stumbled on the solution after trying something new? What if there was always something new to try but you were stuck within the problem with limited tools and without the knowledge that your tools were limited?

And the ultimate question: Are you selling yourself short?

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5 Responses to Why So Many Choices???

  1. Eunice says:

    reminds me of this quote (by Abraham Maslow, I believe. . .) — “when the only tool you have is a hammer, everything resembles a nail”.

  2. Sean Udell says:

    One of our core beliefs is that the key to success in this industry is CREATIVITY. Anything that does not constrain you can only help to unlock that creativity. In our case, we try to give you many ways to get to the answer that you are trying to find. Of course, some people will say that we give them too many ways to get to the answer…

  3. Natalie St. Hilaire says:

    Thanks Eunice! That quote reflects exactly what I was writing about!

  4. Ryan Burgess says:

    I see your point, but one of the biggest challenges I have had with geoscout is the data itself. Isn’t that really more important than options?

    • Natalie St. Hilaire says:

      I’m surprised to hear that Ryan, most of our customers tell us that our data is the best in the industry!

      If you would like me to follow up with you on this, feel free to contact me directly at nsthilaire@geologic.com. I’m interested to know what challenges you are having and if I can help.

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