All I Want For Christmas…

Since Christmas is upon us, dear reader(s), I thought I would keep this blog post short and to the point: Tell me, what would you like for Christmas?

I wanted a $%#@&# pony.

And I don’t mean would you like Santa to bring you a jet ski, or a timeshare in Costa Rica, or …whatever. What I mean is, what would you like from me?

As Data Acquisition Coordinator, I’m tasked with identifying and acquiring new data sets for our clients. So if you’re a consumer of geoSCOUT or the gDC (or, hopefully both!), what can I do to make 2011 the Best Year Ever?

Put another way (for those of you who aren’t geoLOGIC clients) is there some collection of data we don’t yet have that would convince you to leave DOS-based mapping programs behind for good?

It runs on DOS, happy thoughts, and Vodka.

Please leave your suggestions in the comments section.

Best Wishes and Happy Holidays!


About Stephen Werny

Stephen has been with geoLOGIC Systems since 2007. He started in the Training Department, and in February 2010 he transferred to the Data Department, where he works as the Data Acquisition Coordinator. He has no issues whatsoever with writing in the third person, this much is clear.
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